Fighting your addiction. 

You wont keep promises with yourself ever, so you cant get yourself out of the addiction by convincing yourself. The intervention of other people is must, be it in the form of sharing, seeking advice, getting rebuked, doing it for them, proving to them or even competing. You need to interact with people, period. You’ll notice that you are more efficient in doing a thing which involves others. Well I’ve seen it from my experience. 


Yoga is effective 

I have been a gym buff, believing in a proper strenous workout to be a cure for any muscular ailment. I never took yoga seriously, thought it was ineffective. 

So i developed Sciatica a few months back. It occurs due to irritation of sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve of the body which runs through the glutes to the lower limbic region. My work requires a lot of physical effort, and i need to be in a standing posture for many hours continously. Maybe I developed Sciatica because of this.

It caused a lot of pain when walking. Unbearable pain. I could only walk 15 to 20 meters at a time until the pain made me stop and i had to  let the pain ease before walking again. 

Now being a gym head, i started doing all sorts of leg exercises and kept increasing the intensity. I used to run for miles.  But the pain never lessened. Then my mother showed me a few simple yoga stretches for sciatica she had asked from her yoga teacher. Desperate for relief i started doing them. 

Its been 1 month and the pain has reduced so much its almost insignificant. It was unexpected.

I realised that sometimes, medicines, heavy exercises and extensive procedures are not the answers, sometimes light stretches and correct muscle movements are the solution for our ailments. Even to the problems deeply rooted in our bodies, especially our organs, yoga is beneficial. Its amazing to think that the problems in our organs can be cured by muscle stimulation! But it is because everything is linked in our bodies, keeping one thing in check keeps the other thing proper. Therefore the things which we cant take care of, can be taken care of by maintaining our muscular system and a healthy diet. 

So dont judge things before you try them. You may be surprised. 

Like i found out that, Yoga is effective.