You made me.. 

You were my world but i was only a part of yours 

I Followed not knowing what was in store

The one I’d put up my life for

But expectations rarely conform

For you i wasnt enough so

Kicked me down and you were gone

Watched you go out the door

A blow to the core i lay shattered on the floor

Your words like wounds on my soul

Ah the days that followed

 Being at my lowest 

Looked at myself the way you looked at me

Hated myself my thoughts were arsenic

I couldn’t see the damage to my dignity
I wouldn’t let my wounds heal

Drowned in sorrow and self pity

Went deeper in my misery

Struggled to get back on my feet

Until I couldn’t live with what i had made of me

Who is it in the mirror i see

A warrior slumped in a defeat

Putting salt on his wounds that bleed

Feeling defenseless when he has got steel

A new fire breathed in me

Got out of that dump in a leap

My scars like trophies on shelf

Medallions on my chest

Pressed reset, Destroyed my former self 

A new me forged in sweat

Turned my life around 

Made something that exceed success 

Eyes followed whereever i went

An enigma charm unparalleled 

They Craved my presence

But its you who made me who I am

My genesis, you are my reasons 

 You were the transition

Through hell to get to this heaven

But i still miss you through the seasons

But i wont ever let you within my vision

Now you realize the regret 

you have to live with through your lifespan

Got a special place for you in my heart i have kept 

Thank you for my spririt free that you’ve set

You made me.. 

When she called me..

This verse in smothered with pain, If you are tougher of the two sexes it’ll probably leave you in distaste

made me look at myself in disdain, made me detest myself,

Karma work in cycles, Prejudiced psyche it comes to make balance

Its like my dormant erudition needed this spark of Epiphany

A tragedy in my family, jolted me out of this disbelief

Its time to abhor this violence

Have you seen infinite tolerance?

Have you felt yourself being engulfed in a torrent of abuse

and felt like everyone around you has a warrant to abuse?

You never went through this feeling when a million things is expected of you

No matter how hard you try you cant outdo

Stifled expression, inability to choose when predefined role are forced on you

and made a slave of someone you barely knew

watch your hopes and dreams go down in sinkhole

you life is controlled, destined to manage household

and produce male offsprings on the roll

Be the punching bag of your ‘better half’ after his dose of alcohol, and put up with this lifelong

And try to mange your kids in this hostile environment

and sometimes work your back just to manage bread

and if you are lucky watch your kids make it and then gift you a sundry of insults and neglect you cause you are illiterate

Have you ever felt like a prey even from an early age

with malicious eyes fixed on your frame be it the streets or at home

not knowing there are vile intentions in your own kin

and watch them act on it, and let the experience haunt you chronic

wont be spared even if you are just a kid, scar you for life with these deeds demonic

so many advances you have to ward off

even your good friend thinks you owed him

Denial makes you are a hoe

If you are too quick, you are a hoe

If your clique big, you are a hoe

If you showed skin, you are a hoe

If your fabric’s thin ,you are a hoe

If they are jealous cause your life’s big, you are a hoe

If you don’t give in, you are stuck up or you are from the pretentious bunch

Multitude of labels you stack up, Disgruntled hate you put up with

And now i remember the girl i loved, when it didn’t go my way

I turned poisonous, spewed venom from my tongue

like a mirror she showed me my reflection, I was a disgrace.

So contemplate if you think you dominate

cause you are just loosing face, with all the hate that you demonstrate

its time to set the record straight

you are not macho, if you exert power on someone of lesser strength

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

cloistered up dropping tears thinking of her abject state, hurting from her husband’s violent rage

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

watching her husband pass out on alcohol thinking about her future days

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

listening to her son yelling at her

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

being groped by four men in a bus

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

forcefully carried away to be raped

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

freaking out cause she’s out and its late

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

being uncomfortable at your gaze

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

whose father failed a dowry and now being burned in flames

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

watching her parents treat her brother differently

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

putting up with comments and eve tease

Cause there’s a woman somewhere

wishing to be in your place while you wear a suit and sit in your office space

At the end we have to ask ourselves, do these actions make us men?

Are we civilized? Taking advantage of someone’s powerlessness

Think about every tear she shed because of you

put yourself in her position and brace a plethora of sorrows

when half the world is against you

Put yourself in her shoes and walk the onerous path of Indian woman.


Today a woman called me crying, Telling me how her life was made hell

cause the dowry was low and that she bore her family a baby girl

subjected to domestic violence, scared and abuses suffered in silence

Her brothers-in-law tried to make advances towards her sexual

but her real father never really cared cause she was a burden now off his shoulder

now her whole world has fallen apart,still she gotta raise the baby girl

she shared her pain, but her voice became blurred

i was lost in my thoughts , asking myself ‘Am i like her family?’

That woman was my Sister.