Fighting your addiction. 

You wont keep promises with yourself ever, so you cant get yourself out of the addiction by convincing yourself. The intervention of other people is must, be it in the form of sharing, seeking advice, getting rebuked, doing it for them, proving to them or even competing. You need to interact with people, period. You’ll notice that you are more efficient in doing a thing which involves others. Well I’ve seen it from my experience. 


Yoga is effective 

I have been a gym buff, believing in a proper strenous workout to be a cure for any muscular ailment. I never took yoga seriously, thought it was ineffective. 

So i developed Sciatica a few months back. It occurs due to irritation of sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve of the body which runs through the glutes to the lower limbic region. My work requires a lot of physical effort, and i need to be in a standing posture for many hours continously. Maybe I developed Sciatica because of this.

It caused a lot of pain when walking. Unbearable pain. I could only walk 15 to 20 meters at a time until the pain made me stop and i had to  let the pain ease before walking again. 

Now being a gym head, i started doing all sorts of leg exercises and kept increasing the intensity. I used to run for miles.  But the pain never lessened. Then my mother showed me a few simple yoga stretches for sciatica she had asked from her yoga teacher. Desperate for relief i started doing them. 

Its been 1 month and the pain has reduced so much its almost insignificant. It was unexpected.

I realised that sometimes, medicines, heavy exercises and extensive procedures are not the answers, sometimes light stretches and correct muscle movements are the solution for our ailments. Even to the problems deeply rooted in our bodies, especially our organs, yoga is beneficial. Its amazing to think that the problems in our organs can be cured by muscle stimulation! But it is because everything is linked in our bodies, keeping one thing in check keeps the other thing proper. Therefore the things which we cant take care of, can be taken care of by maintaining our muscular system and a healthy diet. 

So dont judge things before you try them. You may be surprised. 

Like i found out that, Yoga is effective. 


For a long time I thought I had depression. But now that view has changed. After contemplating on it and assessing myself, along with a lot of reading on the subject, I look at depression differently. After reading this, you will probably realise that you don’t have depression. Maybe I am wrong, but you might learn how to tackle it. First let me talk about the time I thought I had depression. I have sought acceptance all my life. Average kid, no special talent, fairly unknown .I’ve copied others tried to be cool, I have chased people who didn’t want me. I have felt lonely many times. Acceptance was the underlying reason for my depression. 

ACCEPTANCE. That’s it, that’s the reason. We as humans are Social beings. Our ancestors lived in large social groups and our need for acceptance stems out from that. You might be an introvert or you might think that you don’t need anyone in your life, but this is a direct result of your failure at connecting with others. Or you have been hurt by someone close, someone you trusted so that you seek seclusion. That’s an excuse you keep saying to yourself to make yourself feel better, but deep down you know that or you feel that you want some social connection in your life. I know this because I have felt all of this. But its not just our fault that more of us are living a solitary life. One major factor for depression is:-

SOCIAL MEDIA The concept of social media intrigued us in the beginning, staying in touch with our peers and sharing stuff. But it has involved into a form which is dividing us every day. It has created a lust for attention among people, and turned us into pretentious and self-obsessed individuals. Now sharing is done with the objective of self-glorification. It’s a vicious cycle of comparing ourselves with others and pitying ourselves. How can we ever get acceptance in an environment where there is an established unhealthy hierarchy. We scroll for two minutes and the posts there have already made us feel inferior. People present the highlights of their life, their best moments on social media and we compare our normal life with their highlights. It seems like we are in an era of self-glorification and self-gratification. Flashy is trendy. 

 But of course, with its help, we still keep in touch with our friends, so it’s entirely bad. But research has indicated that face-to-face interactions make better connection. Social media encourages virtual interaction. We need to meet people in real life, it is very important. Our virtual self in incomplete information about ourselves, so we can never know someone completely on social media. Social media has made us too lazy to go out and meet people. Also, People are being distanced, isolation is encouraged, and we are told to not trust people and to not deal with people. Technology has made us lazy. We only seek virtual interaction. So much comfort has seeped into our lives. Everything is available to us, that too with a touch of a mobile. 

Unhealthy eating is encouraged. We all must have seen the sudden hype of Pizza on the internet. 
Internet is becoming addictive day by day. Everything on the internet is designed in such a way that it catches your attention and keeps you hooked. We finish reading a post and there are ten more similar eye-catching posts to keep you occupied. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or looking for funny material, you’ve an ocean of stuff for you. How much time do we waste scrolling through memes, mindless videos and irrelevant stuff? It’s killing our productivity and creativity. Intelligence is withering away. Look at our songs, we just want them to sound good, we don’t care about the lyrics. We are listening to garbage everyday with nonsensical lyrics. Our role models are self-gratifying stupid people cashing in on our obsession with them.
And there are so many self-help gurus on the internet, so many wise and inspirational words are being quoted. So many people eager to tell us about their success story, telling us that we are not living our lives right, so many corrective actions being suggested, our flaws being discussed so much, we can all agree that at some point it has made us feel bad about ourselves. No matter how fitting and life conforming stuff we see on the internet, we will not learn any life lessons and experiences by reading about them somewhere, we need to encounter them in real life and tackle them on our own pace. 

Depression is a modern age disease. Our ancestors didn’t have it. Their happiness depended on other people. Happiness is best when shared. Happiness is bred from effort. They had to do a lot of work just to function normally, whereas our lives are so effortless. Technology has changed our society. Effort has diminished.

The greatest thing I have learned in my life is that Happiness comes with effort, period. It won’t come to you if you do nothing. You can’t sit at home all day and expect happiness to come to you. Most of us are lazy, not depressed. Most of us don’t seek interaction with other people. Happiness comes when you make effort and achieve your goals, it comes when you sacrifice something to make others happy, it comes when you work hard to be something and make your parents proud, and it comes in the moments spent with your friends. All of these require effort. So next time you’re feeling depressed just ask yourself, are you doing something to get out of there? I know it’s hard being there all alone, I have been there, but you can get out easily if you are willing to make effort and interact with people. Don’t judge others, you’ll be surprised when you make great friendships with people who you thought weren’t good. You will start liking their little habits, you’ll make great conversations with them and you’ll notice how much they’re interested in you too. And if have been hurt by someone, it was necessary but not everyone is going to hurt you, some people are going to change your life, just like someone changed mine. Once you start making effort you’ll become addicted and never go back to that old place again.

You made me.. 

You were my world but i was only a part of yours 

I Followed not knowing what was in store

The one I’d put up my life for

But expectations rarely conform

For you i wasnt enough so

Kicked me down and you were gone

Watched you go out the door

A blow to the core i lay shattered on the floor

Your words like wounds on my soul

Ah the days that followed

 Being at my lowest 

Looked at myself the way you looked at me

Hated myself my thoughts were arsenic

I couldn’t see the damage to my dignity
I wouldn’t let my wounds heal

Drowned in sorrow and self pity

Went deeper in my misery

Struggled to get back on my feet

Until I couldn’t live with what i had made of me

Who is it in the mirror i see

A warrior slumped in a defeat

Putting salt on his wounds that bleed

Feeling defenseless when he has got steel

A new fire breathed in me

Got out of that dump in a leap

My scars like trophies on shelf

Medallions on my chest

Pressed reset, Destroyed my former self 

A new me forged in sweat

Turned my life around 

Made something that exceed success 

Eyes followed whereever i went

An enigma charm unparalleled 

They Craved my presence

But its you who made me who I am

My genesis, you are my reasons 

 You were the transition

Through hell to get to this heaven

But i still miss you through the seasons

But i wont ever let you within my vision

Now you realize the regret 

you have to live with through your lifespan

Got a special place for you in my heart i have kept 

Thank you for my spririt free that you’ve set

You made me..